THREE teenagers have been found guilty of killing a 16-year-old with a 'zombie knife' at a birthday party.

Mikey Roynon was stabbed in the back of neck following an incident in the back garden of a house in Bath.

His injury was not survivable and he died at the scene.

Jurors at Bristol Crown Court heard the trio, who were all 16, had armed themselves with knives when they attended the teenage girl's party on June 10.

One admitted stabbing Mikey but had claimed he was acting in self-defence after claiming the victim had swung a knife towards his friends.

None of the three boys chose to give evidence in their defence and prosecutors argued the two friends were armed with substantial knives and were jointly responsible for the attack on Mikey.

On Thursday (March 7), after a trial lasting five-and-a-half weeks, the jury concluded the boy who stabbed Mikey was guilty of murder and his two friends were guilty of manslaughter.

A witness, one of the teenagers at the party, told the court he thought Mikey himself may have had a knife at the time he was stabbed, although he was only 60 per cent sure.

However, Mikey did not have a knife on him when he died and detectives found no other evidence in support of this claim.

The three boys had travelled to the party from the Wiltshire area. Two of them admitted taking knives with them but the third denied it.

The boy was initially treated as a witness until police recovered a knife with both his and Mikey’s DNA on. His clothes were also later forensically examined and found to have Mikey’s blood on.

As well as finding this boy guilty of manslaughter, the jury also found him guilty of possessing a bladed article.

All three will be sentenced at the same court on May 3.

Detective Inspector Mark Newbury, the senior investigating officer, said: “That three boys armed themselves with knives to go to a teenage girl’s 16th birthday party is utterly unconscionable.

“Mikey went to that party to socialise and to have a good time. Instead, he was attacked with a horrifying weapon, suffered a catastrophic injury and tragically lost his life.

“Mikey was a much loved teenage boy and his family have been left totally devastated. They have shown incredible bravery and have courageously spoken out against knife crime since his death, which is something they should never have to do.”