A lot of you seemed to enjoy last week’s Mystery Photograph, although only a few of you guessed correctly.

Well done to the following readers for guessing correctly: Mike Lampert, Les Box, Hannah Selway, Ann Bray, Richard Edwards, Neil Gillard, David Blackburn, Angela Roberts, Jonathan Griffin.

Thank you also to Roy Bailey who said: “I think that this is one of two small trains that ran on the Light Railway between the original Oakhill Brewery and Binegar Station.

“The photo shows the viaduct at Binegar Bottom by Lucky Purnell’s house. He worked at the Brewery, I also worked there when I first left Midsomer Norton Grammar School as did my father and grandfather before me.”

Well done to Eric Brain who said: “I feel certain the Mystery Picture this week is of the former bridge over Binegar Bottom carrying the private siding that ran from Oakhill Brewery, crossed the now A37, ran alongside it northwards for a time before striking off across the fields to join the S&DR at Binegar Station.

“A very nice old picture; nothing remains of the bridge now but in the undergrowth can be seen the end of an embankment.”

Another great answer from Robert Wilcox: “This week’s photo is of the “Beer & Bitter” narrow gauge line which ran from the Oakhill Brewery to Binegar Station, where it’s load of Barrels and Crates were transhipped to the main line rolling stock. It would return with the empties. The photo was taken where the bridge crossed the road at Binegar Bottom with the engine travelling towards Binegar.

“Following the disastrous Brewery fire of 1925, the line was taken up and the two engines, Oakhill & Mendip, were sold. One of them was used in the construction of Barry Docks in South Wales.

“The stonework showing on the right side of the picture can still be seen at Binegar Bottom.”

Do you recognise where this week’s Mystery Photograph was taken?

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