Last week’s Mystery Photograph was a little easier. Thank you to everyone who guessed Upper Conygre Pit, Timsbury, correctly.

Well done to: Paul Hancock, Simon Chard, Jeff Parsons, Colin Button, Dan Bates, Norma Attwood, Christine Oatley, Ann Baker, Neil Gillard, Richard Edwards and Valerie Rogers.

Thank you to Jonathan Griffin, who said: “This week we’re looking at Upper Conygre Pit, Timsbury with it’s distinctive ornate chimney. If the late Fred Dibnah had had the job of demolishing it, it would probably have brought him almost to tears.”

Thank you also to Eric Brain, who said: “This week’s ‘Mystery Picture’ is of Lower Conygre Pit, Timsbury. The crenellated chimney gives it away and both Conygre pit chimneys in Timsbury were built in that style (as detailed by Lucy Tudor in the Journal a couple of years ago) However, there are two sets of pithead gears as well; Lower Congre had two shafts whereas Upper Conygre had only one.

“Another give-away is that the winding gear wheels have six spokes whereas most other local pits’ wheels were multi-spoked.”

Perhaps this week’s Mystery Photograph prove trickier. Can you guess where we are?

If you have a historic image of our area suitable for our Mystery Photograph feature, please email: [email protected] or bring them in to: The Journal, Paulton House, Old Mills, Paulton, Bristol, BS39 7SX.