The National Flood Forum are joining forces with The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) to create an exhibition highlighting peoples experience of flooding.

The exhibition will take place as part of the Flood & Coast Conference at Telford International Centre in June 2023.

People who have been flooded are being asked to share artwork, poetry, photographs that show their experiences of being impacted by floods.  There may also be the opportunity to attend the event and give your personal experience of flooding.

Tracey Garrett, CEO, National Flood Forum, said: “We would like to increase understanding between the industry and those who flood and putting this exhibition of flooded people’s experiences into the Flood and Coast Conference, gives a chance to do just that.’’

Terry Fuller, CEO at CIWEM, said: “We want our conference to place communities at the heart of our thinking and discussions. Flood & Coast provides a great opportunity to raise the importance of community engagement amongst the flood risk professionals and decision makers who attend. It is personally important to me that everyone with an interest in flood and coastal risk feels welcome and able to participate”.

For more details and to submit your contribution visit: