Peasedown St John’s Repair Café is heading towards its 200th successful repair, saving items from landfill.

Since it started almost three years ago, a group of volunteer repairers have looked at all sorts of items from trousers to

microwaves, from mobile phones to clocks, from hedge trimmers to necklaces. Sometimes an item is beyond repair, but often owners go away with an item back ready for use for a few more years. Sometimes a problem can be identified and their owners can be helped to find how to get the item fixed.

It’s a straightforward idea. If you have an item that is no longer working or needs work to get it back to its former glory then you bring it in, sit and have a cup of coffee or tea while one of the volunteers works to identify the cause of the problem and hopefully sorts it out. Many of the repairers are happy for you to sit and watch so that you know what to do if it goes wrong again.

The Repair Café is willing to look at a whole range of items, not just electrical items, but tailoring repairs, mechanical items, bikes (if our bike repairer is available!) wooden items and much more – the repairers are always willing to take on a new challenge.

The Peasedown Repair Café takes place on the fourth Saturday of every month at the Methodist Church in the middle of the village. The doors open at 10 a m and items can be brought in until 12 noon with the café closing at 1 pm.

The next dates are February 26th and March 26th. There are also Repair Cafes in High Littleton (first Saturday) and Farmborough (second Saturday).

The great news is that over thirty-three months, the Peasedown Repair Café has been able to extend the life of so many items and kept more than one hundred and eighty items out of landfill.

On the same day as the Repair Cafés, there is also the Terracycle collection of rubbish that can be saved from landfill

(10 am – 11.30 am).