Local charity We Hear You (WHY), who support children and adults affected or bereaved by cancer and life-threatening conditions, are calling on the communities they serve to help them raise £5,000 this Christmas. The money raised is part of a wider fundraising effort by We Hear You, in the wake of a significant reduction in grant funding, the cost of living crisis and the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns.

Fundraising and Communications Manager Gemma Wilkes said "The incredible support of the communities we work in is the reason WHY's services have been able to expand so quickly in recent years. However, like all charities, WHY are experiencing very tough financial times. The combination of a reduction in grants, the squeeze on personal finances for so many, and the impact of the pandemic on our community fundraising in 2020/21 has coincided with a surge in demand for our specialist services. Could you help us raise £5,000 towards meeting the demand by donating to our Christmas appeal? It's a cliche that no donation is too small, but that's because it's absolutely true: whatever you can afford to donate will help someone affected or bereaved by cancer like Declan, who used our service after losing both his parents aged just 11."

Dylan said: "I had counselling at Selwood, with Ruth and she has been helping me with what happened...I have talked a lot more this time and I feel a lot better, letting everything out instead of keeping it in. I feel less stressed and less upset and I have been able to let everything out. I haven’t felt so angry. The first Christmas, I felt it was a big struggle, that first Christmas without my mum. The second Christmas, I still felt upset but also felt a little bit better."

The We Hear You Christmas appeal launched on 16th October (yesterday) and aims to raise £5,000. To make a donation to the We Hear You Christmas appeal, visit wehearyou.org.uk/2023-appeal.