The children of Peasedown St John Primary School spent a recent morning finding out about different careers and opportunities they could consider as they grow up.

Visitors, all of whom were volunteers, delivered workshops to groups of children and taught them about the professions they have and how they might get a career in those fields, as well as offering information on apprenticeships and universities. Children were able to ask questions and find out what it was like to have such jobs.

Visitors included a nuclear physicist, a firefighter, a barrister, an RAF group captain, a master mariner, a project controls apprentice, a project manager, a dental nurse, a veterinary nurse, a pilot, an educational psychologist, and an engineer.

Some of the pupils offered their own comments about the visitors they spoke to.

“I was inspired by Matt because my favourite subject is science. Sometimes I worry that I won’t be able to become a scientist because writing isn’t my strongest subject but Matt made me realise that maths and science are the important qualifications that I need.” – Charlie, Year 6

“The Air Force sounds interesting because I like mechanical things and planes, and all the places you can go.” – Alfie, Year 5

“It was really interesting learning how to become a barrister. Richard told us that you don’t have to go to university to become a barrister and you can learn on the job. This is called an apprenticeship.” – Harry, Year 5

“I’d never heard of a project manager before and now I want to be one.” – Vongai, Year 5

“I want to be a vet because I want to help pets feel well. I liked listening to the veterinary nurses.” – Nadia, Year 1

“Joe was inspiring because he told us about his life story and how he worked hard to become a pilot. He was inspired by his brother and he inspired us.” – Bella C, Year 6

“I learnt that you don’t have to go to university to have a good job, but you still have to work hard.” – Gracie, Year 5

Headteacher Ruth Noall said: “The event was a resounding success and it was thoroughly enjoyed by students and staff alike.

“All of the volunteer speakers were extremely impressed by the calibre of questions asked by the pupils and their exemplary behaviour throughout the morning. The event links to the school's value of aspiration and our vision to ‘achieve excellence for ourselves and others’.