One reader has written in to our letters column to express their frustration with a highways planning mix up, which resulted in wasting B&NES Council funds, amid the parking charge fury.

With Councils up and down the country reporting on hard times and financial shortages, let me tell you about a local waste of funds from B&NES. 

During the summer, a plan for proposed yellow lines was attached to lamp posts in Beaufort Avenue, Welton. 

Residents of the road were up in arms due to the danger of moving parked cars to a different area of the road. With discussion and the help of B&NES Councillor Michael Auton, he managed to get the decision and planning overturned and cancelled. 

To our surprise last week, a yellow line painting gang turned up and put the yellow lines in place. After a quick phone call from a resident, to Michael and the Highways Department, the road gang returned and preceded to sand blast the yellow lines away. My question is this, who was the inept Highways Official who forgot to remove this operation from the Council’s road working list and secondly, how much did it cost us ratepayers to hire this gang of road workers for over half a day, for a totally useless operation.

The money that was spent would have been far more useful in putting a salted grit bin at the bottom of the estate, something that residents have been asking for, for a number of years.

My final whinge; how about sending in a street cleaning machine, to clean up after the gang removed the yellow lines, there is grit and dust everywhere!

Will Nicol, Welton