One reader has written into our letters column regarding the Town Council Vacancy currently posted on the Council's website.

I’d like to thank your correspondent, Mr Marwood, for his letter in last week’s Journal concerning the vacancy on Midsomer Norton Town Council. Until I’d read the letter I was unaware, as I’m sure were many of your readers, that there was a vacancy to fill.

I have not seen any publicity for this vacancy in the press, which is surprising given the eagerly contested Town Council elections in May. I would also have thought the recent coverage of the failed planning application to develop the Welton Bag factory site, would have prompted at least some of the campaigners to stand for election.

I have found a Notice of Vacancy in Officer of Councillor, posted on the Town Council website, but as this was posted on September 25th. I suspect that by the time this letter goes to print, the notice period will have expired.

Without an election, this vacancy will be filled by co-option by the Town Council, meaning the Councillors get to pick one of their own. No doubt we will hear that an election would be a distraction and expensive to organise, but what price democracy?

Nigel Walker, Midsomer Norton