In our letters column this week, one Midsomer Norton resident claimed that Bath and North East Somerset Council should be "ashamed" of the shabby appearance brought on by a lack of grass cutting.

When I first raised the issue of the uncut grass areas on Charlton Park a respondent suggested that I should feel ashamed and that BATHNES Council should be praised for their policies.

At the weekend I walked, both our estate and the nearby paved walkways, and was saddened by the deterioration of the appearance of our once smart estate, long grass, short and very tall weeds flourishing in the gutters, stinging nettles and brambles growing out of control beside and across the tarmac paths.

It is BATHNES and those who support them that should be ashamed. 

Those who agree, please contact BATHNES by phone or email to let them know how cross you are and pressure our Councillors to act strongly to promote our cause, if you do not raise your voices nothing will change!

Contact BATHNES at [email protected] or tel. 01225394041

Your BATHNES councillor [email protected]

Or [email protected]

Cliff Shellard, Midsomer Norton