Another reader expresses their thoughts on the implementation of parking charges in the Somer Valley in this week's letters column.

Last year I was lucky enough to get tickets for the Theatre Royal in Bath on two occasions. The first time, I rang B&NES asking where I could park with wheelchair accessible vehicle and that we have a blue badge for my husband. The lady was pleasant and told me that there was parking in Avon Street Car Park and various other locations on the road and when I asked whether it was free she said that it was. 

Firstly, knowing Avon Street Car Park, I went there but no signage going in as to where the disabled spaces were - I asked a lady walking towards me who knew and there was a whole row of disabled parking nearly empty. So I parked up but getting my husband out the car, I noticed along the side of the road a lady getting a wheelchair, then going to the pay machine. I asked her if you had to pay for disabled and she said ‘yes’, it was free until about 3 weeks previously. So I had to find some change in my purse to pay but it only wanted to give me an hour - I needed longer. It was after so many attempts someone behind said that I had to put an add sign, the time I needed. That was about £6.40. However, the second time I went to another matinee with my husband, it took three attempts to recognise my number plate and again only offering me one hour. So frustrating that I forgot the add bit until a young chap offered his help. That was more like £7.40. 

So what with no public disabled toilets in Midsomer Norton and wanting to charge for car parks, and I expect that will be for blue badge holders as well, everyone including local Councillors of villages around to join the ones who have objected. Before anyone wants to say there are disabled toilets in cafés etc; I know where they are but one has to get close enough to park to them, especially with a wheelchair.

Also walking to the Theatre, I decided to go up by the college where only buses can go, but there were obstacles all the way with a cafe seating area across some of the pavement. The road across to the Theatre was closed off so I had to go the other side to where they had access. Afterwards, I came back another way down by the side of McDonalds where twice I had to have help because of the pavements not being low enough. 

It feels like I am moaning but believe you me, I’m 80 this year and my husband will be 85, surely we are entitled to have some pleasure in our lives? And  the young families struggling! We certainly do not want charges for our car parks locally, including Midsomer Norton.

P.S on road parking is difficult because if someone parks behind you, although it says to keep two metres clear, if another disabled person is behind then I can’t put the ramp down, whereas I get to with normal parking.

Mrs Wendy Treasure, Peasedown St John