Another Charlton Park resident has weighed in on the grass cutting debate, slamming the Council for not putting out a consultation on the matter.

As a new Charlton Park resident (moving in a year ago). I have been overwhelmed by what a friendly, proud area I have moved to. It makes me sad hearing and seeing what an impact ‘No Mow May’ has had on me and the lovely people around me.

There was no consultation on this... until now. Thank you Tim Warren and Cliff Shellard for the survey.

It now looks messy and run down. The grass seeds are reseeding into the pavements and curb sides causing damage. Do we not have a road sweeper any more?

Large areas of dry grass are a fire risk.

I for one have not seen one butterfly. Even the birds seem to have given up trying to get to the worms from these long grass areas. However, lots of birds and bees are in our bug friendly gardens though.

Meanwhile, up the road by the White Post, where there was an abundance of wildlife,  has now been destroyed to make way for two hundred and fifty houses! Interesting?

The world and nature need our help. We all know that. But sorry this time this project has been done wrongly.

Sylvia Jackson, Midsomer Norton