One reader has written in to our letters column praising Midsomer Norton's High Street offerings.

I’m writing this in frustration at the negative comments seen frequently on Facebook about the High Street and sometimes Midsomer Norton in general.

I think that it is not unusual to have people say that their local town or High Street is not any good. I have even heard someone say that Winchester’s shopping was nothing to write home about! 

It is worth noting that our little town has an incredible range of shops:-

Cash point/watch repair; pet shop; bridal shop; sports/uniform shop; bakery; toy; vape; travel agent; shoe; dog groomers; exceptionally helpful chemist; old fashioned sweet and discounted food shop; charity furniture shop; music shop; another bakery; fish and chip shop; vintage shop; discount shop; old fashioned butchers; gift/jewellery shop; card shop: Haberdashers; Green shop; massage/treatment rooms; Grade II listed Town Hall that also acts (or will) as a cinema; Doggie coffee shop; gun shop; tattoo parlour; two records shops; tutoring establishment; model railway shop; hardware shop; three pubs, with live music and open mic nights; Post Office; three banks;

As well as:- solicitors; bookies; top quality independent restaurants;  Wetherspoons; opticians; National chain pizza places; nail bars; hairdressers/barbers; estate agents, fast food, two major supermarkets, coffee shops. 

All of these places survive because people use them. The ones that people don’t use don’t last, that’s market forces. 

There are also eight charity shops, including a furniture one. These outlets are much maliged for some reason where in fact they are models of economic and ecological usefulness. They reduced landfill, raise funds for worthwhile charities and provide low cost, good quality items saving money for hard pressed consumers. Quite why anybody objects to these is beyond me.

I don’t doubt that some of these establishments are not to everyone’s taste, but there is surely something for everyone? 

On top of all of that we have a Community Trust and Town Council who are so proactive in providing events, attractions and opportunities for residents to explore and enjoy their home town. 

A Leisure centre, Town Park, skate park, hall for hire, an active Church, Monthly market, which could be more frequent when the Town Hall refurbishment finishes, as well as:

Free parking,

A Heritage Railway,

A Carnival,

A Night Club,

A library,

BANES Council offices,

Free community events, such as the Platinum Jubilee, Art and Music Festival, or Wassail and multiple community groups and societies. 

Come on everybody, see what you have under your very noses and enjoy all that Midsomer Norton has to offer! 

Sharon Adams, Midsomer Norton