One local resident urges Dan Norris to take note of resident's pleas and bring back the 82 bus service.

I am somewhat dismayed that despite an impassioned plea and working ceaselessly to save this local lifeline, that our raised and valid concerns are seemingly going unheard and unaddressed by West of England Mayor, Dan Norris. 

I find this deeply upsetting. It is causing great distress, especially among elderly and disabled users of the 82, who fear the negative consequences that this will have on their lives if this service were to be withdrawn.

While I have the option to make alternative arrangements, using another bus service to meet my requirements. For many of its fellow passengers (not conversant with using smartphones or mobile apps), is not an option. This model example of a community transportation service fulfils a distinct purpose that Demand Responsive Transport cannot replicate. It offers a helpful and courteous door-to-door service to those who experience mobility issues and live outside the main bus catchment area, provides an invaluable social space to meet up friends (that is particularly beneficial to the mental health of passengers who live independently), and most importantly, it is the last remaining bus route that stops outside Tesco for essential grocery shopping.

I would like to publicly thank and feel immensely proud of the well-conducted and tireless campaign that has been fought by users of this service (including the outstanding and recently celebrated Westfield Inspirational Citizen, Marion Harrington), Parish Councillors, Liz Hardman (Paulton), and Eleanor Jackson (Radstock) who have done us proud by their great efforts, and finally, to our friendly and ever dutiful driver, Tom Churchill. For all this to be in vain, would be a sorrowful and devastating moment for vulnerable local residents, who are deserving of far more. 

Respectfully, I ask that this urgent matter is revisited, for the decision to axe the 82 bus route to be reversed, and for its contract to be renewed (while there is still time!)

Terry Harris, Paulton