In our letters column this week, the Chair of Westfield Parish Council has urged residents to keep their dogs on leads at the recreational grounds.

In Westfield we are very lucky to have two lovely Recreation Grounds for the community to enjoy at Westhill and Norton Hill.

Were you aware that it is Trust policy to keep dogs on leads when accessing the recreation grounds?

It has been brought to our attention recently that dog owners are allowing dogs to roam on the grounds off-lead. This can potentially discourage other members of the community from visiting. 

There are numerous reasons why it is Trust policy to keep dogs on leads at the recreation grounds.  To name a few; fear of dogs, trip hazards to those using the running track and dog fouling. 

Even the best-behaved dogs can sometimes become distracted. The recreation grounds are here for everyone in our community to enjoy. We would encourage all dog owners to abide by the Trust policy and show consideration for all members of the community by keeping their dogs on leads whilst visiting these grounds.

We are also lucky enough to have a community green space, Waterside Valley, where dogs are welcome to be allowed off-lead.

Phil Wilkinson, Chair of Westfield Parish Council, Westfield