WHEN Jon Coates became Farrington Park Captain in October 2023, one of the first things he organised was his away day at the club when in 1984 he was Junior Captain and also Junior Champion, that club being Pyle and Kenfig in Porthcawl, South Wales.

With a coach organised, and a few drinks on board, the 60 former members set off for the mid-morning tee times.

The field of players included 10 past captains, 2 past seniors captains as well as the vice captain and vce captain elect.

It was agreed that alongside the team bowmaker format players would also compete for the prestigious Max Stone Challis with the honour of donning the famous green jacket. Of the 60 players that started only 15 returned medal cards as the tough conditions took their toll.

Prize winners: Longest Drive went to Stu Ponfield; Nearest the pin 4th hole – Eric Hogg; Nearest the pin 6th hole – Stu Ponfield; Nearest the pin 12th hole - Jon Coates (and yes it was a hole in 1); Nearest the pin15th hole – Bob Copperman; Team bowmaker 5th place – Eric Hogg, Jon Gregory, Davie Allardyce, Ely Calway; Team bowmaker 4th place – Rob Riccio, Mark Crook, Dave Collins, Paul Thomas; Team Bowmaker 3rd place – Mark Chedgy, Adrain Cronin, Mike Graves, Roger Franklin; Team Bowmaker 2nd place – Rob Paige, Steve Blackwell, Danny Farnen, Jack Cook; Team Bowmaker 1st place – Andy Bray, Dave Forshaw, Martin Drayton, Jon Coates; Max Stone;3rd place tie – Darrin Vowell and Adrain Cronin nett 73; Runner up – Paul Thomas nett 72; Champion – Steve Blackwell nett 69 who now has the honour of organising next years event.

Jon thanked everyone for their support and for joining him and confirmed a further £1880.00 had been raised to add to the charity funds.

Darrin then handed Charity cheques to Rob Paige Dementia UK £1893.60, Jon Coates Prostrate Cancer UK £2993.36 (£1880.00 to add); Darrin himself for Dorothy House £1990.00; The above funds from the defunct Mens Section account.

A big thank you to Pyle and Kenfig and their members for allowing us to take over the clubhouse and the fantastic service we received.

Finally, we would all like to thank our new clubs for the warm welcome we received in our hour of need back in January when we were made homeless and a message to 360 Golf, you may have killed the Mens Section but you will never kill these friendships.