THE bowls season has opened at Prattens on Saturday (April 13) and a substantial proportion of the membership came up for a roll-up and to see how the green was playing after the winter and declared that it was in good condition.

It has been a difficult spring for the club to get the greens playable because of the bad weather.

This was followed on the Sunday by Presidents Day when even more members turned up. There enjoyed 2 friendly, but competitive,  mixed games in the following days. The first of these was against Severn Vale and was played over 3 rinks with Severn Vale eventually winning on all rinks although Prattens were leading on one rink until the final end (the Severn Vale captain claimed that it was the first time that they had ever won on our green).

The second mixed game was played on this last Sunday (April 21) across 4 rinks against Keynsham and both teams won on 2 rinks with Keynsham winning overall on shot difference. There are lots more games to play in the coming weeks as the season unwinds. For further information see our website at