Full Fat Grappling prove successful in Luxembourg

Three athletes from Full Fat Grappling, Judo and Jiu-jitsu club in Westfield Radstock, competed in Luxembourg at the Championships.

Sunday 19th June 2022 4:00 pm
Three athletes from Full Fat Grappling, Judo and Jiu-jitsu club in Westfield Radstock, competed in Luxembourg at the Championships.
(Matthew Hucker )

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Cody Hucker (Chuck), Bradley Harmer and Hannah Hucker all fought in the Luxembourg Championships.

Hannah (British and London Open Champion) had special permission to compete as she was not old enough. Hannah, ten-years-old, fought in the U13's in a weight class above. Though she lost all three fights, she impressively managed to lead two of the fights for a short period. Even in tears and defeat, she bowed off and waited to shake her competitors hand. Great character.

Chuck, eleven-years-old, fought in the U13's, in a category of twenty athletes. Chuck found himself losing immediately and had to fight back to reaffirm himself in the competition. Chuck worked his way past the Luxembourgian who he was losing against, using a throw and hold down. Chuck then beat a Dutch fighter via newaza which lead him to face a very good German athlete for silver. The fight went to golden score, whereby Chuck pulled off a well timed counter to make it to the final. After four wins, Chuck eventually lost in the final to a deserved German athlete from Berlin Judo. Silver is Chuck’s current best result overseas.

Last of all was Bradley Harmer. fourteen-years -old, Green Belt, he had to fight in the U18's in a pool of five, all of which were Brown belts. Bradley was without doubt the underdog. Feeling fresh and looking good during warm up, Bradley fancied his chances. In a round robin, he had the toughest fighter first, working his way to what was supposed to be the easier fight last. It became an absolute task as all of Bradley's fights went the distance and into golden score except one.

Bradley battled through and it became evident that Bradley was not going to get thrown as his defence was too strong. Once the fights went to golden score and the athletes were exhausted, Bradley pulled the trigger and threw every one he fought. Two Luxembourgian's, one German and one Belgian were defeated so Bradley could take gold in what was the club’s best ever international result.

This follows a fifth place finish by Callum Gifford, aged ten in the U12's in Copenhagen two weeks prior. Callum, who beat a Swedish fighter only narrowly lost to a Danish judoka, and did the club proud.

The Full Fat team now travel to Spain and then Holland to compete in two weeks, gaining invaluable experience.

For queries of interest please call Matthew Hucker on: 07877 816749.

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