MIDSOMER Norton TAGB Tae Kwon-Do students are celebrating after winning impressive nine medals at the recent National English Championships in Worcester. What a fantastic day for our team, competing cheering each other and catching up with Tae Kwon-Do friends and family. We were having fun, making memories, and pushing ourselves to better our Tae Kwon-Do skills.  We had 5 students competing. Well done to all our competitors, we are very proud of all of you. Excellent results for Sydné Bell 8 years old, our junior student and Joshua Longworth, both did fantastic, having just started competing and jumped straight into the deep end. Sydné secured third place with her team in TAG Team Sparring in the showcase of courage and determination. Her willingness to work hard and competitive nature pushed her throughout the day and was inspiring to watch. She performed at 3 other events facing much more experienced opponents and will build on this experience. Josh came second performing Team Patterns and third in TAG Team Sparring. Huge credit to them bravely stepping  onto the mats to challenge themselves and they did so incredibly well. Stefan Barr also performed wonderfully and emerged with not one but 3 well deserved medals, with very impressive performances across the day. He secured Silver in Individual Sparring and missed out on a gold medal by one point! Silver in Team Patterns and Bronze in TAG Team Sparring. He pushed his opponents and was consistently at the top marking his presence and abilities.   Lucy Barr performed excellently. Despite the fierce competition, she won gold medal in Individual Pattern becoming English Champion a fantastic achievement and testament to her commitment and skills.  Club instructor, Ms Fober was third in Individual Patterns and third in Individual Sparring. The event drew an impressive turnout of over 1,000 competitors. The standard of competition was exceptionally high, making the stakes even greater for those who stepped onto the mat. We made great progress with competitors improving upon their individual personal results, trying some new things to gauge their effectiveness, and getting a feel for what they need to work on during the remainder of the year. Thank you to all the parents and family for incredible support as always. Well done Team Midsomer Norton TAGB Tae Kwon-Do.  Anyone interested in joining the vibrant Tae Kwon-Do community in Midsomer Norton, TAGB Tae Kwon-Do club invites you to experience the art first hand. Contact Ms Fober 07983104286 or email [email protected]