Farrington Park: So Autumn is just around the corner and with the evenings noticeably cooler and the darkness drawing in earlier, it is almost time to put the BBQs and recliners back in the shed. But just hang on a minute as we may yet get an Indian Summer which occurs in the autumn! With the weather patterns as they are you never know.

This weeks competition was a three man Texas Scramble with twenty two teams competing for the spoils. Scoring could not have been any tighter at the top. Archimedes himself would have been scratching his head at this one!

With only two points separating more than two thirds of the total field.

Five teams tied on 61 points, five teams on 60 points and the top four all tied on 59 points. Thank goodness for the count back system.

A handicap review is due to take place in the next two weeks so there may be a few brown envelopes heading in the direction of the review team!

Results: First Steve Brixey, Ian Lake, John Stevens 59; second Mike Bradbury, David Perrett, Andrew Smith 59; third Frank Budds, Andy Smart, Steve Symonds 59; fourth Steve Gay, Ham Ridene, Brian Weeks 59; fifth Steve Ball, Tony Quinn, Alan Smith 59.

Friendlies results were a home win 5-2 against Saltford and a loss away to Cumberwell 5-1.

Rob Thain