THE Paulton & District Skittles League has completed their winter season with three cup finals played in a week. 

Purnells CC A came out on top in both the KO and Nomination Cups, with St Josephs runners-up in both. The Plate winners were Nine Left Standing, with Alley Cats being the runners-up.

With the annual general meeting on June 14 now is the time for teams to register for next season. 

The league still have a few spare places for teams. So if you have a group of mates that want to play skittles in the league contact us on 07368 398615 or visit our website where you will find more information and an online registration form.

Results - KO Cup winners Purnells CC A, runners-up St Josephs. Nomination Cup winners Purnells CC A, runners-up St Josephs. Plate winners Nine Left Standing, runners-up Alley Cats. The Skittler of the Year was Richard Howe (Skyvers). The highest score of 72 was knocked by Matt Brooks.

Division One winners Happy Wanderers, runners-up Purnells CC A (both teams finished with the same number of points); Division Two Farmborough, runners-up Jack's Blades; Division Three Alleywhackers, runners-up Welton Exiltes; Division Four The Specials, runners-up Nobby's Nuts; Division Five Alley Cats, runners-up Nine Left Standing.