Bill Collett entertained us with a wealth of images from his stock on Thursday, filling an evening slot that followed a leisurely ramble around Walton Moor on Wednesday, in an attempt to ward off impending Lockdown Blues!

Bill showed us a selection that included Audio Visual presentations of beautiful gardens and engineering projects involving canals near Liverpool docks – an enduring passion that he regularly feeds! We were also treated to a multitude of stills on a wide range of subjects.

We were reminded of just how many walks we have taken together since April, chatting and building friendships that may well not have developed had the pandemic not struck. It is interesting to see how much we now know about the localities we have explored, and to appreciate just how therapeutic these outings have been in offsetting isolation.

There were a host of reflections from canals and waterways to the cityscapes of central London featuring glass and metal, as well as water and mirrors. Bill now collects photos that he can use creatively as textures over other photos, and it was interesting to hear how he created these in post processing, as well as how his Photoshop treatments of other shots using the filters take something ordinary and raise it to a new level. The collection of images of the same sheep with a range of textured coats, including one entitled “British Lamb” never fails to raise a smile or two.

Bill also reminded us of the creative use of filters on camera in the field when trying to slow shutter speeds to record movement and blur when bright lighting conditions would otherwise limit it. Some of his many images taken at the Bath Half Marathon annually were familiar, but many were not, and it was a fascinating collection to appreciate en-masse.

Jill Toman reported a good entry from members for the upcoming Open Competition, due to be judged by Beryl Heaton on 19th November, and on 12th November we welcomed Jeremy Richards, who will give a presentation on his photography in Chile.

It will be interesting to see what the Midsomer Norton Arts Festival will do with our entries in the Photo Marathon, and if we need more challenges or stimulation as Autumn drifts into darker months – there is always the November Challenge that features Portraits and Landscapes to tackle. Take a look at that Gallery online – it is beginning to fill up with some interesting stuff.

Jenny Short