A house’s garage in Keynsham could be turned into a hair studio.

The applicant said that they hoped to provide a “high quality service” at the salon by their house, and was a specialist in wedding hair planning to undertake training in trichology, the study of diseases or problems related to the hair and scalp, to help people with issues such as hair loss.

A statement submitted with the application said: “At the moment, access to this specialist service is limited as it is only offered by a few companies in central Bath and Bristol. Allowing sufferers to discreetly access the proposed salon and this service would be an extremely specialist but highly valued resource within the Keynsham area.”

A previous planning application had the support of Keynsham Town Council but was turned down by Bath and North East Somerset Council over concerns it would disturb neighbours. Now the applicant is hoping that a new scheme removing previous plans for air conditioning will get the go-ahead — and their next door neighbours have urged the council to let it go ahead.

In a letter in support of the application, neighbours Victoria and Matthew said: “We were stunned to hear that the previous application had been refused with some feedback for refusal cited as potential impact on neighbouring properties.”

They added: “I would anticipate this business to be of negligible impact to us, or future owners at any time of day. There are other successful home businesses in very close proximity, with this one being of much lesser impact.”

You can view and comment on the plans here.