Due to our print deadline for New Year, we have had very limited time to get your answers in for this one. Some of you may have been debating this over Christmas dinner, or in the pub with friends, but for the last issue, we were in Farmborough.

Well done to eagle-eyed Simon Chard, who was waiting for our digital edition (available from every Wednesday on our website at: www.mnrjournal.co.uk) who guessed correctly, Paul Hancock, Winston Eyles, Amanda Hills and Simon Ball. I’m sure we will have many more answers waiting for us (this paper had to go to press on 28th December), so thank you all for getting in touch.

Back to normal this week – so, if you think you can guess this week’s entry above and would like a mention, email: [email protected] send us a photograph of it today, or send it to us via Facebook: @MNRJournal.

Answer in next week’s Journal!

This week’s photograph is courtesy of Radstock Museum, who are helping us to keep the feature running, alongside all of your wonderful readers’ pictures. Keep them coming!

All visitors to Radstock Museum can sit and browse through over eight hundred old, local photographs on the public access computers. Glossy 7x5 prints of the photos can be bought, subject to copyright. Museum tickets are annual: www.radstockmuseum.co.uk