Last week’s photograph confused quite a few of you – in fact, we had to check the location as well – as many people thought it was Meadgate, Camerton. It was in fact, Farmborough.

Well done all of those who guessed correctly – and there were quite a few of you!

We received correct answers from: Paul Hancock, Winston Eyles, Simon Chard, Judith Stanford, Keith and Loraine Pursey, Frankie Ford, Ivor Davis, Les Box and Hannah Selway, Jeanette Jones, Gilmour Jones, Carol Mears, Kay Harvey, Elaine Bowen, Jonathan Griffin, Stefan Chiffers, Frances Horler, Neil Gillard, Elaine Pannifer, Val Hawkins, Gordon and Barbara Wadsworth, Eric Brain, Graham Clulee, Mike Ford, Sally Bown, Dan Clark, Allan Curtis, Joan Chappell, Neil Brimble, Andrew Bevan, Mees Ltd via Twitter, Anne Hale, Pam Dukes, Peggy and Terry Rusz and Andrew Thayer.

If you think you know the location of the photograph, supplied by Radstock Museum, and would like a mention next week, email: [email protected] or via Facebook or Twitter: @MNRJournal. You can even send us a photograph of how it looks today.

A very big thank you to Radstock Museum, who continue to support this feature in partnership with The Journal.