The past year has been difficult and distressing for many of us; an enduring housing crisis, escalating living costs, life-changing wars in Ukraine and the Middle East. It’s easy to feel helpless in the face of so much hardship but by supporting Julian House this Christmas, you can give people hope for a better 2024.

For those already struggling to get by, or living on the frontlines of conflict, times have never been harder.

Julian House is there to catch people when they fall through the cracks in society. And this year, the call for their life-saving services has been louder than ever.

The charity provides emergency shelter for people forced into rough sleeping; supported housing for individuals making their way back to security and independence; a place of safety for people fleeing domestic violence; and guidance and support for refugees striving to make a new life for themselves in the South West.

Julian House is here for people like James: “Five weeks ago, I was in a tent, struggling just to get through the day. Now, thanks to Julian House, I’ve got a shot at turning my life around. For the first time, I’m not just surviving—I’m planning a future. This place gives you more than just a roof; it gives you hope.”

Today, James is pursuing education and rediscovering passions – all thanks to the security and support he found with Julian House.

Your donation this Christmas can help more people like James get their lives back on track.

Please donate and help Julian House to give more people across the South West hope for a better 2024.

You can donate on the Julian House appeal page, by calling 01225 354656 or posting a cheque, made payable to Julian House, to Julian House Appeal, 1 Kelso Place, Upper Bristol Road, BATH BA1 3AU.