Organisations in Bath and North East Somerset that support residents with the ongoing cost of living crisis can now apply for grants of up to £500.

The B&NES Community Contribution Fund offers residents the chance to pay into a good causes fund to help local charity, community and voluntary groups to reduce inequalities in the area.

Residents have been donating to this year’s fund since April 2023 and the total currently stands at £8,724.32. All monies raised will fund cost of living projects and are not used to supplement Council services.

Applications for the grants can now be made by any charity, voluntary or community organisation that is not for profit, including Parish Councils and those that help people with:

  • Access to food, including providing free or low-cost food, community meals, food vouchers, cooking equipment or food skills initiatives
  • Warm Spaces, where groups are incurring additional costs through offering their space
  • Any other community initiatives that relate to helping with the cost of living challenge.

For Warm Spaces applications, organisations must have registered their Warm Space on the Council’s directory and agreed to the Warm Spaces Charter.

Organisations can apply by completing the online form. The deadline is February 16th, 2024. Applications will be assessed and final approval on awarding grants will be given by a panel of Councillors.

Only one application per organisation will be accepted.

Residents wishing to donate to the Community Contribution Fund can do so on the Council website.

The Community Contribution Fund was set up in 2021 and £39,959.32 has been raised to date. Of this, £31,235.00 has already been distributed to local community organisations through grant schemes.

Any contribution is separate from Council Tax, and people can contribute more than once. The minimum contribution is £5, and there is no maximum.