Little Lost Robot CIC would like to invite to you a special event at the Radstock Youth Centre and SWALLOW Community Cafe, drawing together the communities of Bath and North East Somerset in a collective process of remembrance following the tragic loss of life as a result of knife crime in the region this year. In particular, this is a commemorative event celebrating the life of Charley Bates, on what would have been his 18th Birthday.

They aim to bring together members of the community to co-create a large shrine, to hold the memories of the people, faith, dreams and hopes we may have lost.

Doors open at 5pm today (Saturday 2nd September) and the Event itself will take place at sunset in the field behind the SWALLOW Community Café including a beautiful aerial acrobatics performance.

This will be followed by setting fire to the one-of-a-kind memorial ‘temple’, which has been co-designed and build with local young people, creating a visibly spectacular beacon of hope to mark the rebirth, recovery and regeneration of the whole community.

Co-Director of Little Lost Robot Ruby Sant said, “Memento is a safe space to show respect for ourselves, each other and our community - what it has been, what it is now and what it can become in the future, in a kind, compassionate and healing way.”

Co-Director of Little Lost Robot Juliet Webb said, “The event is an opportunity to remember loved ones and to soothe fears within the community by working together and making time and space to recognise and honour the richly diverse cultural and social backgrounds of the residents of Radstock living, working and growing up here in the present day.”