As a new ban on pavement parking comes into force in Scotland, local Councillor from Timsbury, Shaun Stephenson-McGall is calling on the government to get on with introducing a similar ban across England.

In a statement to B&NES Council, Councillor Stephenson-McGall explained that currently the Police can “theoretically” act if a vehicle is causing a hazard or an obstruction and forcing pedestrians into the road, but that “enforcement from the constabulary is rare”.

Instead, he is calling for new legislation to bring in a pavement parking ban throughout England. This has long been the law in London and new restrictions have just come into force in Scotland this month.

Councillor Stephenson-McGall said: “Three years ago, the government consulted on options to tackle pavement parking in England, yet the DfT is still sitting on the results. This is taking far too long.

“In the meantime, Scotland has rolled out a nationwide ban and England is falling behind. We need to know now how the Government intends to tackle pavement parking across England.

“Pavement parking is dangerous and affects us all, whether you’re in a rural village like Timsbury or in suburban Bath. It makes streets inaccessible for older people, those with visual and physical disabilities, wheelchair users and those who use mobility aids, and forces families with pushchairs and young children into the road.

“Clear pavements need clear laws. We need a nationwide default ban, with the option to allow pavement parking in certain circumstances, as is currently available in London. This would be much easier for everyone to understand.

“I’m calling on the government to get on with publishing the results of the consultation so that the legislation can be brought forwards.”

Recent YouGov polling, commissioned by the charity Living Streets, found that 62% of adults over 65 in England were worried about obstructions on the pavement. 87% of parents have had to walk into the road because of pavement parking and that 80% would be more likely to walk their child to school if there wasn’t pavement parking.

Other organisations, including charities as diverse as Guide Dogs, RNIB, Disabled Motoring UK, Sustrans, Spinal Injuries Association, and the British Parking Association, are also backing the ban on pavement parking.