The victim of the stabbing in Radstock on Sunday has been named as Charley Bates, aged 16, who died on Sunday 31 July outside Radstock library.

One person has been charged, and three arrests made as part of police enquiries. The family of Charley, are paying tributes to him and released the following statement, “Our beautiful Charley boy. We are all so very proud of you. You are desperately missed by so many.”

Joshua Delbono has been charged for the murder, and attended Bath Magistrates Court on 3rd August, the case is ongoing and he was sent to Bristol Crown Court yesterday, for trial in custody, and he was produced there for a bail hearing. No bail application was made yesterday, so Mr Delbono remains in custody. However, further dates were set for ‘Plea and Trial Preparation hearing’ on 30th September 2022, and the official trail will be held at the start of next year, on 23rd January 2023.

Friend, Will Lakey wrote, “On the end of July, Charley was stabbed and killed, I may not be his blood family, but he was a brother to me someone who stood by the people he cared about the most.

“He was such a kind kid, who never deserved to have his life stripped away from him, the potential this boy had was unbelievable, he may of seemed dumb to some, but Charley was a intelligent kid who always knew how to handle the problem in the correct way.

“Me and C sat through the whole of secondary together, I had some of the worst times at that place, but the only thing that made it better was CB, he was there for me when no one was, and did things that wouldn’t even benefit himself, but he would still do it just because that’s the type of person he was, he always wanted to help people.

“For someone to come into his home area, and to take such a kind, gentle, and warming life away, is absolutely disgusting, this fundraiser isn’t for me or any of his mates, it’s simply for Charley’s family, and for whatever they want to do with it. Whether it be for the funeral, or to allow his mother days off work to remember her beautiful boy. So help Charley like he would have helped you!”

A Go Fund Me Page was created in Charley’s memory, and has raised over £20,000. A celebration of Charley’s life will be held tonight in Radstock.