STAFF and students from Broadlands Academy have welcomed younger peers from nearby Somerdale Primary School for a day of PE enrichment activities.

The Broadlands team hosted 30 enthusiastic Year-5 pupils from Somerdale for an event designed to foster teamwork, sportsmanship, and a sense of camaraderie among the younger children.

The action-packed morning kicked off with the pupils divided into three equal teams, embarking on a series of challenging tasks designed to stimulate problem-solving and enhance communication skills. Under the guidance of Broadlands Academy staff, including the participation of Mr McLaughlin, pupils tackled each challenge with commendable enthusiasm and teamwork. 

Next, the energy levels soared as the pupils delved into several rounds of ‘Benchball’. The objective of this game was to transfer their entire team from one end of the court to the benches at the opposite end. The competition was fierce, culminating in a deciding set that left the onlookers captivated by the excitement and fierce competitiveness on display. 

After a well-deserved drinks break, the pupils took on more team challenges, where they showcased their creativity and initiative in transporting their teams across "shark-infested waters" and back.

The morning's activities ended with the pupils split into groups for a basketball competition. While for many this was their first experience playing the game, and even found the size of the ball a challenge, the Somerdale pupils showed their enthusiasm and resilience in overcoming these struggles to score several baskets.

Eloise, a Somerdale Primary School pupil, said:“The cross the river challenge was a bit challenging. We had to use two spots and try to get everyone across, but we only just got three people over. It was still my favourite bit though!"

Molly, a Somerdale Primary School pupil, said:

 "I loved the Benchball. It was so much fun, thank you very much Mr Evans and Broadlands. I loved the competition because I am quite competitive, let’s put it that way."

James Evans, head of PE at Broadlands Academy and organiser of the event, said: “The event was a resounding success, and one which gave staff and pupils from both schools a real sense of accomplishment and joy. The activities we put in place not only promoted physical activity but also reinforced the values of teamwork, resilience, and friendly competition.

“Thank you to the Somerdale pupils for their enthusiasm and willingness to give their all in every activity. It was great to see them tackle new challenges, learn new skills, and take on new games in a supportive and collaborative environment.”