Students, parents/carers and staff gathered in the sixth form centre to enjoy the collection of the highly anticipated GCSE grades.

The return to pre-Covid, grade boundaries has been widely publicised, and the national picture is considerably lower than in previous years. But the results at Norton Hill have held strong.

Maths and science both retained grade 4+ percentages of 83% and English pulled out all the stops at 90%. The percentage of students achieving the 4+ in English and maths was 79%, and 5+ was a very impressive 60%.

The majority of the other subject areas performed extremely well and some subjects exceeded even last year’s results, namely music, business, child development and health & social care.

Headteacher, Gordon Green said, “It is always an honour and a privilege to share in these moments and I am pleased that the overwhelming emotion was one of positivity. A huge amount of work has been undertaken by staff and parents/carers to ensure students are given the best opportunities to succeed but ultimately this day is all about rewarding the students for all their efforts throughout their time at school”.