BATH Medical Museum is set to host an exciting array of activities throughout the spring half-term holiday.

One of the highlights of these activities will be the unveiling of the Beazer Maze, a maze and labyrinth hybrid renowned for its promotion of tranquility and well-being.

Karen Espinosa, a postgraduate student from the University of Bath, will host a series of practical workshops explaining the differences and uses of mazes and labyrinths. 

The reveal of the Beazer Garden Maze, located on Spring Gardens Road near Pulteney Bridge, next to the River Avon, will be complemented by a week-long series of free workshops at the museum.

The exhibition on the maze and free workshops will be open until June 2.

Volunteer Amber Pottinger will lead engaging activities exploring Victorian medicine. These sessions are specifically tailored for families eager to delve into the intriguing yet sometimes gory aspects of historical medical practices in an enjoyable and family-friendly way.

Every guest visiting the museum will be able to take part in the Bath Inventors Trail. This will guide families on a journey across the city of Bath to discover sites closely associated with innovations and inventors from the city spanning two millennia.

Bath Medical Museum’s mission is to preserve and promote the history and importance of medicine in the city of Bath.

For more information on the museum and its upcoming events, visit its website at and follow the links on the homepage.