Farrington Gurney Climate Action Group are back again with their pollinator party! They will be holding a winter pollinator party on the 4th February from 11am to 1pm.

The event will take place in the Memorial Hall in Farrington Gurney. There will be a nature walk, led by Helena Crouch, seed cake making to feed birds, a cooking demo followed by soup lunch, news on a community fridge and information on how to join the Royal Horticultural Society ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ community group.

Seed swaps will also be happening on the day, so please bring some along and prepare to experience new growth in your garden! A seed giveaway is planned too, so you could end up with a whole new variety of plants in your patch.

The event is free, from entry to activities - another great reason to come along on Sunday as we start thinking about getting ready for Spring!

The Farrington Gurney Climate Action Group are asking people to let them know if they plan to attend by emailing: [email protected] so that they can estimate how many they need to provide lunch for.