Bristol Airport Action Network (BAAN), a local campaign group who have been fighting the expansion of Bristol Airport, are holding an open meeting for the public as they launch their latest project, Eyes On Bristol Airport. 

Following months of protests and campaigning by BAAN and local residents, the High Court ruled in favour of the expansion of Bristol Airport just last year. With no plans to stop, BAAN are now launching a new project ‘Eyes on Bristol Airport’ in the aim of ‘holding them to account’ over planning conditions.

On Thursday, 29th February from 7pm - 8.30pm, in Felton Village Hall, Bristol Airport Action Network (BAAN) will be holding an open meeting for the public to update them on the work of the group and their projects.

A spokesperson for BAAN, said: ‘At the meeting, BAAN will be giving more information about how the tool was developed and allowing people to get ‘hands on’ using the website. Such is its potential for holding an airport to account, that BAAN have been approached by a group working to prevent the expansion of Schipol Airport in Holland to develop an Eyes On Schipol tool.

‘BAAN is also a key player in the national ‘No Airport Expansion’ campaign, a coalition of over twenty anti-expansion groups across the UK, who are all lobbying for a moratorium on airport expansion. This meeting will be a chance to hear about progress and find out ways you can also get involved. 

‘We now have MP sponsorship to run a briefing for MPs later in the year at the House of Commons, and are looking closely at the stances of different parties in this election year.’

The Eyes On website offers an open access tool which local people can use to track whether Bristol Airport is keeping to their planning conditions with regards to flight numbers. 

The Gazette reached out to Bristol Airport for comment, a spokesperson said: “Bristol Airport is our region’s gateway and the area’s largest private sector employer. The development of the Airport to being a 12 million passenger per annum airport will create thousands of new jobs in the years ahead, open-up new direct air links, and support inbound tourism. 

“Building work is already underway on our new Public Transport Interchange and car park, which will create one of the region’s largest coach and bus interchanges. The project is the first of many to enhance the customer experience at Bristol Airport whilst meeting the challenge of developing in a responsible way and the commitment in being a net zero airport operation by 2030.”

An online briefing for BAAN’s Eyes On Bristol Airport will be held on March 14th at 7pm for those unable to attend in person.

To book your place, email: [email protected]