The Tom Huyton Playpark in Radstock could soon be under full control of the Town Council, as a lease is “imminent,” the Town Clerk reported at the monthly meeting on Monday evening.

There were reports that Trinity Methodist Church had been broken into and that crime and drug-related issues were rising in Radstock. It is unconfirmed, but the Councillor reporting said money may have been taken from the premises.

Road improvements in the town were also spoken about, as previously reported in The Journal, and the Town Clerk confirmed that line painting is due to take place, although B&NES will not promise when.

There will be a Christmas-themed trail and quiz in Radstock, with more to come on this in the coming weeks.

The Town Council heard from fellow Councillors who represent Radstock on B&NES, Cllr Chris Dando saying that residents should remain on high alert if lockdown is lifted as planned on 2nd December. He said: “Although our rates are falling slowly, they are still horrendous. It is likely that B&NES will be put in to Tier 2.”

Bruce Shearn spoke of his delight that Walnut Buildings are due to be demolished to make way for new housing by Curo (see Page 7). He said this, the demolishing of the Radco building and the new Doctors’ Surgery, would all be happening around the same time next year. “Radstock will be undergoing major changes”, he said, “and all for the good.”

As seen at Midsomer Norton Town Council, local anti-gas plant campaigners joined the Radstock meeting with placards and asked Councillors for their support against the plans. Radstock Councillors, who have declared a Climate Emergency, unanimously backed them and will be contacting Conrad Energy.

Like Midsomer Norton, Councillors questioned how this had been rubber-stamped by planning officers without debate. Resident Steve Pritchard said: “We don’t think this is a done deal; for lots of reasons. Companies are building these little gas power stations around the country and say that this somehow facilitates renewable energy.

“We haven’t yet begun to explore the renewable energies in this area – it’s a greenwash.”

The next Radstock Town Council meeting takes place just before Christmas on Monday, 21st December starting at 7 pm. Residents can join via the agenda Zoom link.