Westfield Parish Council and the Parish of Westfield was only created by an act of Parliament in May 2011.

The creation of the new Parish presented an opportunity to create a new community that enjoyed its unique historic and industrial heritage, strong family and neighbourhood ties with an optimistic and enthusiastic population, keen to enjoy a dynamic future.

The new status also provided a unique opportunity to create a local Council which combined and empowered local and central Government, together with a dynamic fresh approach designed to interface with its population.

Westfield Parish Council was also in the forefront with establishing its Neighbourhood Plan, and the huge research that went into preparing this showed a large demand for public exercise.

Based on the work done for the Neighbourhood Plan, a search began to find a suitable location for a public running track and public exercise equipment in a true circuit.

The site chosen was the Westhill Recreation Ground in the centre of Westfield. The site is well known, safe, and surrounded by local housing.

Work started in earnest and the Westfield Parish Council Green and Open Spaces working group coordinated the funding requirements which included B&NES and a significant grant from the Radstock and Westfield Big Local organisation.

The fully surfaced and “footfall safe” exercise track was professionally constructed during mid 2020, closely followed by the installation of the public gym equipment.