LADY BERYL TINDLE has spoken of her deep sadness at the death of the Queen – and her belief that King Charles will prove a worthy and popular successor.

The widow of Tindle Newspapers founder Sir Ray Tindle met the Queen when she received her MBE at Windsor Castle.

Lady Tindle received the award in the Queen’s Birthday Honours in 2008 for her work in the Farnham community.

“It was one of the first investitures to be held at Windsor Castle and I found her very friendly and easy to talk to,” said Lady Tindle. “I was very nervous – everyone was – but talking to her wasn’t difficult at all. She was very engaged.

“She was very interested in the work I had done and was very warm and friendly. I was invited to a dinner at Windsor Castle some time later which was hosted by the now King Charles, in aid of one of his charities, and he had the same warm and friendly manner as his mother. He went around and spoke to everyone at the dinner – I was very impressed with that.\

“My husband took a real interest in Charles’ charities. I think he will make a wonderful king. He was ahead of his time and one of the first people to warn of global warming and that we were taking too much out of the planet.

“He will follow the example of his mother, I’m sure – he’s very much a people person.

“The death of the queen was a big shock. I watched on television when she greeted the new prime minister and for a 96-year-old – I’m 95 – I thought she did remarkably well. There was no suggestion that she wasn’t going to survive a couple of days.

“It shows how she always put duty first.”