The newly installed mulberry tree sculpture will provide bereaved families with a new way of commemorating loved ones.

The memorial has been installed within a special area of the crematorium’s grounds to provide a peaceful and tranquil setting for families to remember a loved one.

The mulberry tree stands as a symbol of life, growth, and remembrance. Each of the tree’s branches holds a handmade leaf, providing a tangible connection to loved ones. The leaves can be inscribed with lettering allowing families to personalise their tributes in a way that is truly special and unique to them.

Martin Saunders, Business Leader at Mendip Crematorium said:

“We understand the importance of a tangible space for people to remember their loved ones. Our beautiful mulberry tree serves as a tranquil place for reflection and remembrance, providing solace and comfort during difficult times. We’re thrilled to introduce our tree as an alternative and unique option for families to honour and remember their loves ones.”

In addition to the new mulberry memorial, Mendip Crematorium continues to provide a range of services and facilities to meet the needs of the bereaved families they serve.

For more information, please get in touch with the team at Mendip Crematorium via telephone: 01749 340930