Bath and North East Somerset Council are introducing a temporary road closure in Paulton.

The length of Langley's Lane in Paulton from its junction with Old Mills will be closed off, extending South West for approximately 220 metres up to the Somerset Council boundary.

This traffic block comes as works are being executed on or near the road by Openreach and workers need a safe environment without traffic to renew a telephone pole.

The application has been submitted to take place from 18th July 2023 for a maximum period of 4 days. This is anticipated to take two days. Work will be underway between 9:30 am and 3:30pm; the highway will be clear at all other times.

An alternative route is being suggested via the A362 – B3355 – Paulton Road – Clapton Road – Zion Hill – Langley’s Lane and Vice Versa.

Any queries regarding the road closure should be directed to the applicant. Full details are available on the Council's website under THTTC3196.