Two blocks containing a total of ten flats for general needs social housing could be built just behind the High Street on Danes Lane.

Bath and North East Somerset Council submitted a planning application to itself to build on council-owned land currently used as spare parking behind the Old Bank pub and next to the Old Dairy apartments.

In total ten flats in the centre of the town would be created, six of which would be one-bedroom and four of which would be two-bedroom. Each block would be three storeys with pitched roofs and brick walls around the ground floor exterior. Parking would be located in an undercroft beneath block two, which would be set back from the road.

A statement submitted with the application said: “The proposed homes will be secured for social rent in perpetuity and will be available for local households in housing need.”

It added that there were over 700 applicants on Homesearch for homes in Keynsham, approximately 550 of which are in need of one and two-bedroom properties. The council’s Liberal Democrat administration has named building more council houses as a priority for their administration.

Earlier this year, Bath and North East Somerset Council welcomed tenants into its first council housing in more than twenty years: former offices in a villa on Newbridge Hill which were converted into flats. The council also recently converted two council properties in Bath into temporary accommodation. 

You can view and comment on the plans for the new flats in Keynsham here.