PaultonLibrary has said farewell to Helen Beckwith, community librarian but also a long serving member of the Library Service in the area.

Paulton claims a unique relationship with Helen.

The Library Hub was a new departure for BANES Library Service, staffing it full time with a combination of professional librarians and a team of volunteers.

The volunteer team was originally trained in basic library tasks masterminded by Helen, who was then also manager of the three local libraries.

When Paulton became a Community Library managed by Paulton Parish Council, Helen then utilised her experience to train volunteers to become full assistant librarians.

A number of Paulton Assistant Librarians (or PALs) gathered at the Library to say thank you.

Helen was presented with a souvenir print of the former library at Paulton and the lyrics of a specially penned song documenting her long career.

The song, The Ballad of a Roving Librarian was performed to Helen at the gathering by Kathleen Still (fourth from left) who organises the rota for the Library volunteers.

Liz Hardman (pictured third from left) thanked Kathleen for organising such a special farewell for Helen.

Kathleen Still