Peasedown St John is to see a further £35,000 invested in it over the next 12 months. The money will be used to resurface Tyning Road - thanks to successful lobbying from the village’s Councillors.

Independent Councillors Cllr Karen Walker and Cllr Gavin Heathcote submitted a series of requests to the council’s leadership before last Tuesday’s annual budget meeting.

Cllr Karen Walker (Independent, Peasedown St John) said: “We’re extremely pleased that one of our requests for funding, the resurfacing of Tyning Road, was agreed by the Council.

“The role of any local Councillor is to always put their community first. On a regular basis, Cllr Gavin Heathcote and I meet with residents to discuss issues that matter to them.

“These extra funds coming to Peasedown have all been requested by residents.”

As well as the £35,000 allocated to resurface Tyning Road, from April the Ward Councillors’ Empowerment Fund will re-open with both Karen and Gavin being allocated up to £1,000 each to distribute to local community initiatives that need extra support.

Cllr Gavin Heathcote (Independent, Peasedown St John), added: “The year ahead looks like it’s going to be another positive one for Peasedown.

“As well as this funding windfall to resurface Tyning Road and the re-opening of the Councillors’ Empowerment Fund, the Peasedown Community Trust will also be distributing grants again through the Party in the Park Grant Fund – aimed at supporting those grassroots projects that make a difference.

“It’s fantastic to see the Council and local charities working together in such a positive way.”

Karen and Gavin will be writing to all the affected residents living in Tyning Road over the next month with more details of when the resurfacing works will happen.