Bath and North East Somerset Council has announced its intention to implement a temporary road closure in Church Lane, Stanton Drew. The affected stretch of road runs from Church Lane Cottage to Rose Cottage.

The purpose of this road closure is to facilitate essential maintenance work conducted by Bristol Water. Specifically, Bristol Water will be replacing a fire hydrant on September 8th, 2023. The temporary road closure is expected to remain in effect for a maximum of four days, although it will only be enforced when traffic signs are visibly placed. Consequently, the road closure may not persist throughout the entire four-day period but will only be imposed for the duration required to complete the necessary maintenance work. It is anticipated that the closure will span two days. There will be no alternative route in place as this is a dead end road.

During this period, residents and commuters in Stanton Drew are advised to plan their routes accordingly and be aware of any traffic diversions or alternate routes indicated by the temporary signage.

For any further information or inquiries regarding this temporary road closure, please do not hesitate to contact Bath and North East Somerset Council, who thank you for your patience and cooperation as they work to improve our community’s infrastructure.

Full details of the proposal will be available on the Bath and North East Somerset Council website at the following link: