This week, the Bath and North East Somerset Councillors for Peasedown wrote into our letters column to thank residents for their vote.

Through your letters’ page we’d like to say how delighted we are to have been elected as the Bath and North East Somerset Councillors for Peasedown St John.

We’ve worked over the years to provide a non-party political response to local issues, putting residents’ concerns first, and ensuring that the matters we campaign on reflect the grassroots concerns of the people living in our community.

We’ll continue to make ourselves available, and will remain active throughout the year, every year – not just at election time!

Our election win couldn’t have been achieved without a few special thanks!

Firstly, we’d like to thank our wonderful team of volunteers for giving their time up at weekends, in the evenings, and in fact anytime we’d ask them to! During the election campaign they delivered over 16,000 pieces of literature.

Next is a huge thank you to our Campaign Manager and Agent, Nathan Hartley. He led a fantastic campaign for us, working tirelessly for several months to ensure we achieved the win that we did. Many of the other candidates complimented us on how well-run and professional our campaign was.

And finally, most importantly, we’d like to thank the people of Peasedown for electing Independents to represent them for another term. To all the residents we’ve met, during the election campaign and over the last couple years, your support has been incredible.

We’re looking forward to putting Peasedown first for another four years!

Cllr Gavin Heathcote and Cllr Karen Walker; Independents for Peasedown St John, Bath & North East Somerset Council