A FUNDRAISING target of £4,500 has been set in order to provide Frome students with plastic-free period packs.

Crowdfunding launched on International Woman’s Day and aims to raise this figure to purchase 300 plastic-free period packs for students in year 8 and 9. Packs cost less than the usual retail price at £15.

Fiona Barrows, project champion, said: “There are so many reasons to switch to plastic-free period products, but the stigma around periods is still a big barrier, as is the upfront cost of products.”

‘Period project’ focuses on the potential carbon saving, cost savings and health impacts for women, girls and all people who menstruate.

£4,500 to be raised to assist Frome students with 300 plastic-free period packs
(Frome Students)

Used plastic period products total 200kg of period waste in a lifetime, which goes into landfill or waterways. The carbon footprint of a single year’s worth of plastic period products is 5.3kg CO2 equivalent, or for the population of Frome, 72,000kg of carbon each year.

Vic Yerbury, practice nurse at Frome Medical Practice, said: “It’s a win! If we can successfully raise our target, we can really make a difference to the conversation around periods for over 300 students.

“We will be able to encourage well-being by helping students address period poverty, supporting them through period anxiety and helping students make sustainable choices.”