Rockaway Community Forest Garden is set to host a three-session course designed for adults of all abilities focussing on biodiversity in the garden.

Running from 10am - 4pm, the course combines classroom learning with practical garden activities, offering a combination of an observational and hands-on approach to biodiversity.

The first session, scheduled for Saturday 13th July, introduces biodiversity and its relevance to gardens whilst also exploring its broader environmental impact. The session will also explore the importance of a multi-layered approach to biodiversity.

Session two delves into plant selection and planting styles which support biodiversity, as well as the connection between plant-pollinator relationships. Attendees will have chance to discuss their gardens and receive advice on plant choices to consider at home.

The final session focusses on the wider environment including soil science and water’s role in the garden. This session will provide information on habitat creation with practical projects you can do at home, such as building bug hotels, to support biodiversity.

All of the courses are led by Penny Austin, a fully-qualified and experienced horticulturist with a Level 5 DET teaching qualification. Penny has spent over 25 years working as a gardener, designer and head lecturer within the horticulture industry.

For more information, contact Penny via email: [email protected], or call 07788 238075.