This autumn the RUHX team are hosting a wonderful evening in Holt, near Bradford-on-Avon to inform and fundraise to help provide extra cutting-edge services at the RUH Bath.

As well as welcome drinks, great food and company, there’s RUH speakers on the evening including:

· Surgeon Dr Marc Bullock sharing the benefits of our Robotic surgery developments

· Dr Ali Khavandi, a leading Cardiology surgeon at the RUH talking about Super Rehab, involving a one-to-one support programme for patients with heart disease

· Hetty Dupays – talking about how our Art at the Heart programme brings the restorative power of nature inside our local hospital.

The event is being held on Friday, 13th October at the Wild Herb at The Field Kitchen and Glove Factory Studios and will combine delicious locally sourced food and drinks with the opportunity to help make a difference.

To find out more and how to attend, visit.