Dave Cameron, who organised a trip around the coast of Great Britain to raise funds for the Cancer Care Appeal (at the RUH Bath) and Cancer Research UK, has now finished his voyage. He hopes that by completing the trip, he is able to show people that a diagnosis of cancer doesn’t mean you have to stop living, far from it – you make the most of every moment you possibly can. Having set off on 7th June, he is now safely home and ready to talk about his adventure!

He said: “The ride started at the RUH on June 7th; it seemed the appropriate place, as that’s where I’ve been treated so brilliantly for my Advanced Prostate Cancer for over eight years.

“I hit the coast at Portishead and headed on down towards North Devon and Cornwall. I’d chosen June for the ride because I could rely on the weather; by Clevedon, it was raining! Still, what’s a bit of rain when you’re riding to raise money for two great charities that have helped to keep you alive for the past 100 months?

“The route followed the coast to Land’s End and then across to Kent, always sticking to the nearest A road to the sea. From Kent, it was quite a long haul up the east side of the country, through some fabulous countryside.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t see much of it, due to the (by now) almost incessant rain! All I could do was to hold tight on the handlebars and stare at the road ahead to make sure the gale from the west didn’t blow me into other traffic.

“By June 18th, I’d reached John O’Groats, completed 2,000 miles – and the sun was shining. The adrenalin from riding meant I wasn’t feeling the fatigue which my medication often causes, the bike was good and the scenery terrific. All the horrors of the past ten days or so drifted into the distance. The following day it rained again! And my motorbike broke down! And it couldn’t be repaired! What to do? I couldn’t let the charities and those people who’ve sponsored me down. Fortunately, the garage that had taken in the old, deceased Yamaha also sold bikes so, by the middle of the week, I was back on the road – with a rather large hole in my bank balance that hadn’t been planned.

“For the next week or so, I continued south on my recently purchased BMW, still being hit by all the weather this record-breaking June had to offer. At one point, my ‘waterproof’ boots were so full of water, I could actually feel it gradually seeping up my shins!

“Still, both the bike and I were well and we arrived back at the RUH on Friday, July 1st – in sunshine!”

Having now returned, Dave had this to say:?“Many thanks to all the staff at the RUH who’ve supported me and so many others as we live with our various forms of cancer; you are all angels. And thanks also to the geniuses, hidden away in their laboratories, who keep coming up with new ways to treat the different types of cancer.”

Congratulations are in order to Dave for organising and completing the trip, he has so far managed to raise £1,852.77, beating his original target.

Dave and his wife, Fay, are hoping to raise as much money as possible by holding a party night in Camerton Village Hall, with a live band and raffle, on 16th July. See advertisment on page 15 for more details.

If you would like to help increase the amount raised by the Great British Bike Off, just go to: virginmoneygiving.com/Dave Cameron63