FROME resident Josie Shillabeer has set up an online nutrition course with the support of the Prince’s Trust Enterprise Program.

Josie Shillabeer a qualified nutritional therapist from The College of Naturopathic Medicine in Bristol, has launched The Health Puzzle. The website, supported by the Prince’s Trust Enterprise Program, offers personalised health courses and assessments designed to help participants maintain healthy lifestyles.

Josie's mission stems from her personal journey and aims to create accessible resources that she once sought herself. Her goal is to establish a comprehensive platform that provides health-supportive information with minimal barriers for others seeking wellness.

Facing a decade-long struggle with illnesses like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, IBS, and anxiety, she successfully overcame these challenges through dedication to healthy nutrition and lifestyle changes, which restored her health.

Josie said: "At first, I went looking for a magic pill, but I quickly found that they did not exist.

“Instead, I found it to be more like a health puzzle, with every health-supportive change acting like a puzzle piece. When I pieced all of these little changes together, they had a powerful health-supportive effect.

“I aim to create a one-stop-shop that enables others to access this health supportive information with minimal barriers. I am very much hoping by publishing a local article that I am able to help support the community of people around me.”

The course ‘Nutrition: The Corner Pieces’ offers a trial which covers fundamentals of nutrition and emphasises their importance for health and wellbeing, followed by in-depth explorations of key nutrition groups like hydration, electrolytes, and carbohydrates.

It concludes with a final health and wellbeing review to assess participants' progress. The course is designed as a self-led program, featuring pre-recorded videos, downloadable documents, and quizzes, making it adaptable to any lifestyle.

Participants can opt into the trial priced at £29.99 before August 31, 2024, to access nine modules of the course (12 in total upon its full release next year). Completion of the trial and feedback by September 29, qualifies participants to receive the full course at no extra cost (RRP £495). The course covers fats, protein, and essential nutrition tips, offering valuable educational content at a discounted rate.

The website offers additional resources and a platform to explore personalized health courses tailored to individual needs and goals. For more details on Nutrition: The Corner Pieces or to enroll, visit or contact Josie directly at [email protected]